Continuous casting is used to manufacture uniform billets quickly and efficiently. Billets are processed into rebar, wire rod or coil in the Company’s rolling mills. In addition, We supplies high quality steel billets of variable length, profile and chemistry, enabling the Company to meet its customer requirements and industry quality specifications

Reinforcing Bars

We can supply hot rolled reinforcing bars (rebar). Rebar is a long steel product used exclusively in civil engineering and building projects to provide to concrete. It is typically produced as a deformed round, either in straight lengths or in coil. Deformed rounds have ridges or notches to provide greater adherence to the concrete.

The Company's rebar is regarded as a premium quality product due to the sourcing of premium quality iron ore, the state-of-the-art assets used in the manufacturing process and the implementation of internal quality control procedures. Annual production capacity is 1.8 Million tons.

Sheet Piles

Sheet Piles are Z or U shaped long structural sections with a vertical interlocking system that creates a continuous wall. Interlocked sheet piles form a wall which is earth tight or water resistant and are commonly used for the construction of retaining walls, cofferdams, bulkheads and seawalls.

Sheet piles are light types of profiles, easy to handle and fast to install in both soil and water environments. The interlocks of sheet piles are suitable for strong connections, also in combination with H beams and tubular piles (combi-walls). Sheet piles have a long service life and can be used for temporary and permanent applications. The use of sheet piles would allow to work in narrow spaces.

According to customer requirement we will provide further details regarding grades and sizes as per EN and ASTM standard

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