VIGOR ME FZC is Middle East based conglomerate operating downstream and upstream petrochemical trading. We have good trading as well as our supply chain team to handle our trading operation globally without any tension and risk. We have our own employees and agents all over the glob to take care of destination supply prompt. We Trade below products:

  • Bitumen and Bituminous products
  • Base Oils of different grades
  • Rubber Process Oil
  • Aromatic Oil
  • Rock Boulders
  • Lime Stones
  • Sulphur
  • Fuel Oil
  • Gasoil
  • Gasoline


VIGOR ME FZC is doing bunkering all the port in the globe. We have own Tankers, Barges and for local delivery we do delivery through road tankers, IBC tanks and Drums. Our aim is to make our presence. We can do following mode of supply.

  • a. We supply direct to vessel
  • b. We supply through Road Tankers
  • c. We supply through barges
  • d. We supply in Flexi bags, IBC tanks, Drums etc

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VIGOR ME FZC is supporting their customers by providing by arranging third party blending and third party logistics. We are providing products to our customer par to their requirements and as per their required specification. Following are the manufacturing and blending products;

  • Bituminous Products : (1) Anionic Grade, (2) Cationic Grade, (3) Cut Back Grade bitumen products
  • Automotive and Industrial Lubricants: SAE Grades Lubricants and Multi Grade Lubricants
  • Greases : Lithium Base EP2 and EP3 Grease, Lithium base MP2 and MP3 grease, Graphite Grease, Transparent Grease, Gel Grease, Moly Grease, All Purpose Grease, High Temperature Grease, Calcium Base Grease.

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VIGOR ME FZC got very good expertise in their Shipping and logistics department to take care of all operations. We do chartering tankers and dry cargo vessels on voyage and time charter basis to cater the needs of our customers.

We charter Vessel for Oil Supplies (clean as well as Dirty), Bitumen Tankers, Dry cargo vessels for Rock Boulders as well as Lime Stones, Barges for Bunker supply etc.

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